zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Margaretha van Antiochië - Verhaal

"According to the version of the story in Golden Legend, she was a native of 'Antioch' and the daughter of a pagan priest named Aedesius. Her mother having died soon after her birth, Margaret was nursed by a Christian woman five or six leagues (15-18 miles) from Antioch. Having embraced Christianity and consecrated her virginity to God, Margaret was disowned by her father, adopted by her nurse, and lived in the country keeping sheep with her foster mother (in what is now Turkey). Olybrius, Governor of the Roman Diocese of the East, asked to marry her, but with the demand that she renounce Christianity.

Upon her refusal, she was cruelly tortured, during which various miraculous incidents occurred: an attempt was made to burn her, but the flames, we are told in her Acts, left her unhurt. She was then bound hand and foot and thrown into a cauldron of boiling water, but at her prayer her bonds were broken and she stood up uninjured. Finally the prefect ordered her to be beheaded. [She was put to death in AD 304 (ca.)]

Anonymus, De H. Margaretha ontsnapt uit het lichaam van de draak,
1540-1560, houtsculptuur, hoogte 98 cm, Nivelles, Sainte Gertrude kerk, cat. NB/8

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