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De Middelnederlandse versie: 'Dit is van dat edele lant van Cockaengen'

"Die neringhe is menigherande
Die men doet in allen lande
Om dat lijff mede t'ondraghen
Hoert, wat ic u sal ghewaghen
Ick quam laesten in een lant.
Daer ic vreemt was ende onbecant.
Nu moechdi horen wonder groot,
Wat God den luden daer gheboet
In dat lant te wessen ende te sijn
Sonder arbeit ende sonder pijn!
Dit wort den luden wel becant.
Sach ye man beter lant
Dan dat lant van Cockaengen?
Die helft is beter dan al Spaengen
D'ander helft is beter dan Betouwen.
Men heft er wil van schonen vrouwen.
Dit is 't lant van den Heligen Gheest.
Wie daer lancst slaept, de wint meest.
Daer en derf nyemant doen werck,
Out, jonc, cranc of sterk.
Daer en mach nyemant yet gheborsten
Die wanden sijn daer ghemaect van worsten.
Daer sijn die veynsteren ende doren
Ghemaect van salmen ende van storen
Die tafelborden sijn struven in pannen,
Van bier sijn ghemaect die kannen
Die platelen die in den huse sijn,
Sijn van fijn guldijn.
Dat broet al shoen ter wijn
Alsoe claer als die sonnenschijn,
Die balkan, die daer in den huse leggen,
Sijn ghemaect van boterwegghen
Haspelen, spinrocken ende alsulke dinghen
Sijn ghebacken van crakelinghen.
Daer sijn die bancken ende stoelen
Ghebacken all van roffiolen.
Daer sijn die solreplancken oek
Ghebacken van claren pepercoeck.
Die latten sijn palinghen ghebraden,
Die huise syn gedeckt mit vladen,
Die syn geflochten sonder waen,
Daer lopen hasen ende conynen,
Wil herten ende everswynen
Van w ?
Die mach men vangen mitter hant
Sach oyt iemant beter lant!
Want schoen leyder syn daer oeck goitkoep,
Voer elke deur licht er eyn hoep,
Elkerlijc na synen sin
Daerto kous en ende schoen:
Die wil, die maech se aendoyn,
Al waer hi ridder ofte knccht.
Daer vint men tot allen straeten gespreit
Schone tafelen, die men nyemant weiderseit,
Eten, drincken mach men alle den dach
Daer en derf nyemant gheven ghelach,
Als men hier ten lande doet.
Och, dat lant van Cockaengen is so goet!
Het reghent daer in allen hoecken
Vladen, pasteyen ende pannekoecken.
in dat lant loept een ryvier
Van goeden wijn, van goeden bier,
Muscadel and oec clareyt
Romeny die men ontseit.
Die mach men drincken goeden cost
Wil men wijn of wil men most
Mit ghenghever ende mit muscaten
Sijn ghemaect aldaer die straten.
Veel ghels is daer goet tijt.
Daer en draecht man hat noch nijt,
So wat men daer in 't lant vint legghen,
Dat neemt men sonder wedersegghen.
Ende doet daermede sijn bederve
Recht of 't waer sijn eyghen erve.
Het is daer altijt of 't waer meye.
Daer singt elc voghel sijnre leye.
Daer coemt in die maent vijf weken
?? niet ghebreken
Ende iiij. Paes chen in 't jaer
Ende vier Pinte ren daernaer
?? nte Jans misse
?? ghewissen
Ende iiij. Kersdag he, dat is waer,
Ende eynen vasten in hondert jaer
?? mer enen halven dach
?? nye beter lant en sach.
Noch is daer een beter doecht,
Daer elck mynsche by is verhoecht.
In dat lant loept een Jordane
?? en die dier quamen
?? men dat water in haren mont
?? ouden alle worden jonc,
Recht of sy waren van twintich jaren
Dat seg ic u voerware.
Daer sijn trompen ende schelmeyen,
Daer sy op dansen ende op reyen,
Ende driven vroechden sonder ghetal.
Ick hoep 't hem ewelic duren sal.
So wie dat daer coemt in Gods namen
Die mach voerwaer wel segghen: Amen."

vertaling naar het Engels:

This is about that idyllic land of Cockaigne

"Of livelihoods there are plenty
That men do in all the lands
Of keeping body and soul together.
Hear this, what I have to say!
I came lately on a land
There it was strange and unknown.
Now listen well, for 'tis wondrous true
What God the people there has commanded:
In that land to live and to be,
Without work and without pain!
This word the people will believe.
Has seen anyone a better land
Than that land of Cockaigne?
The half is better than all Spain,
The other half is better than Betouwen.
Men have their will with beautiful women.
This is the land of the Holy Ghost;
Those who longest sleep, earn the most.
The whole day long no one does work,
Whether old, young, weak or strong.
There no one suffers shortages,
The walls are there made of sausages.
There are the windows and the doors
Made of salmon and of sturgeon.
The tabletops are made out of pancakes,
Of beer are made the jugs.
The plates that are in the house
Are all of the finest gold.
The bread lies next to the wine
Which is as clear as the sunshine.
The beams that in the house are laid
Are made of butter.
Hasps and spools and all such things
Are baked of crispy crackel.
There are the benches and stools
Baked all of meat pies
There are the roof planks overhead
Baked of finest gingerbread.
The rafters are of eels grilled,
The roofs are decked with sweets,
All about together we see
The hares and rabbits
With deer and wild boar
Of  ?
They let men catch them with their hand
Has seen anyone an better land!
Nice clothes are there very cheap,
In front of each door lying in a heap,
All may to their liking choose
Stockings and shoes:
It will make one dressed so fine
Whether they be squire or knight.
There can men in all the streets find
Beautiful tables for anyone to partake
Eating, drinking make men all the day
And no one ever has to pay
As all men here in this land do
Oh, that land of Cockaigne is so good.
It rains there in all fair parts
Sweets, pastries and cooked tarts.
In that land flows a river
Of good wine, of good beer,
Muscatel and fine claret,
Sherry for men as well
This may men drink at no expense
Whether wine or whatever they want
With ginger and with nutmeg
Are what they use to pave the street
Everything there is going well
There of riches man has no need.
So what men there in the land find lying
That may take men without asking twice.
And do it like it is deserved
Sure that it truly is their own.
It is there always no time but May.
There sings every bird its own song.
There comes in the month five weeks
?? not lacking
And four Easters in the year
And four Pentecosts right behind
?? Saint John's feast
?? wish for
And four Christmas hear, that is the way
And one fast in a hundred years
?? lasts only a half day.
?? never a better land was seen.
Nowhere is there a better place
There everyone there is blessed.
In that land flows the Jordan
?? who there come in numbers
?? men that water in their mouth
?? the old all become young
As though they were twenty years old.
That's a sight to behold.
There are trumpets and pipes,
There all are dancing and going round,
And going on without care.
I hope it forever will endure strong.
So those that there come in God's name
They may overall well say: Amen"

(, dd. 23/04/2016)

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